What is IULA-EMME?

IULA – the International Union of Local Authorities, with headquarters located in The Hague, Netherlands, has been working since 1913 to strengthen local government and to promote cooperation between local communities throughout the world.

IULA-EMME – the International Union of Local Authorities, Section for the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Region was established in 1987 in Istanbul as one of the seven regional sections of IULA.

IULA-EMME has been granted a special status by the Republic of Turkey for its operations via the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 11 September 1987.

As a non-profit organization, IULA-EMME’s general purpose, in line with the basic policies of the parent organization, is to contribute to the enhancement of local democracy and the strengthening of local authorities.

IULA-EMME has an extensive membership network in Turkey and in the region which it operates. IULA-EMME represents a significant number of local authorities in the region either directly or through their regional organizations, whereas its members in Turkey consist of the main national and regional associations and unions of local authorities and metropolitan municipalities.

IULA-EMME’s activities, paving the way for “democratic and effective local government”, encompass the encouragement of cooperation and collaboration between local authorities at the regional and international levels, promoting the implementation of global action plans at the local level, conducting training and development programs on relevant topics, undertaking research and publications in support of local government, and serving as an information and communications center, as well as all other legal activities geared toward accomplishing its objectives.

IULA-EMME serves as an umbrella that facilitates the outreach of many international organizations to the region and to Turkey. In this context, IULA-EMME conducts joint programs and projects with a number of international organizations whose objectives are in accord with those of its own.

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